Daree Allen, black female voice over artist, holding the mic

I grew up in Central New York. Kids at school used to say I spoke "proper," and some accused me of trying to sound "white" even though I'm Black.

Little did I know back then, that my voice would become one of my greatest assets. Despite this, I have grown to embrace the sound of voice rather than despise it.

My voice is often described as professional, authoritative, direct, believable, trustworthy, clear, educational, warm, engaging, genuine, natural, conversational, easy-going, confident, strong and dynamic.

This lends very nicely for work on my favorite projects: e-learning, documentaries, radio, corporate narration, explainer videos and audiobooks.




Daree Allen

Despite 20+ years working in IT, I'm pretty creative. As an author and podcaster, I got even more comfortable with hearing myself, as well as recording, editing and producing my podcast interviews.

As a voice actor, I specialize in narration projects. I love doing voiceovers because I’ve always loved reading, and reading out loud. Performing is even more fun! With improv and storytelling, I get to capture creators' and authors' imagination and experiences and bring them to life. When you become a character, you can be whoever you want, yet my audience isn't focused on me--they're focused on the idea, story or message. 


Some cool, quick facts about me:

  • My unique name rhymes with Marie, and it was made up as a derivative of my father's. As far as I know, it has no symbolic meaning, but who cares - I love it!

  • I have a 20+ year career in the IT industry as a technical writer.

  • I've hosted and produced a personal development podcast for women since 2015.

  • My diverse background also includes the medical (nursing care), motivational speaking, authoring self-help books, life coaching and live improv in Atlanta, GA.

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